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handle magnet
These handle magnets can use for clean up iron objects, such as nails, screws, nuts, bolts
and more. They can separate iron objects from other non-magnetic materials. If you want to 
retrieve iron objects, they can also work very well.
They are very helpful for moving metal sheets for expected position or lift metal sheet for 
cutting, welding or construction use. 
They are highresistance for heat or water.Various types for your selection.

Item No. 221025
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  25  lbs.  

Item No. 221050
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  50  lbs.  

Item No. 221100 
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  100  lbs.  

Item No. 221150
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  150  lbs.  

Item No. 221225 
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  225  lbs.

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