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Holding and Retrieving Magnets (Holding Magnet)

They are like handle magnets, with a eyebolt at the top. Holding magnets have a wide range of sporting, household, commercial and industrial uses

They are excellent for retrieving  sunken iron objects from water, oil or other liquids. They work as a cleaner in the tanks to clean up iron objects, such as nails, screws, nuts, bolts and more. You can separate metal pieces from non-magnetic material with them very easily.

We supply various sizes for customers. You can call for detail.

Item No. 231025
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  25  lbs. 

Item No. 231050
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  50  lbs. 

Item No. 231100
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  100  lbs. 

Item No. 231150
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  150  lbs. 

Item No. 231225
Handle  magnet  lifts  up  to  225  lbs.


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