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Continuous Duty Series Linear Actuators can continue working. Their duty cycle is 100%. Furthermore, the Max. Thrust of these Linear Actuators is 1500N. They are used in high speed working area.

linear actuator, linear actuators

Item No.: CD1500       1500N

Specification of Continuous Duty Linear actuators:

◇ Max. Thrust: 1500N

◇ Voltage:24VDC or 12VDC, Permanent Magnet Motor Drive

◇ Standard stroke: 50 ~ 350 mm, special stroke are

    available according to customer' requirement.

◇ Rated load speed: 10mm/s ~ 20mm/s

◇ Duty cycle:100%, it can continue working.

◇ Ambient temperature -5°C (23F) to +40°C (104F)

◇ Standard protection class :IP 51

◇ Built-in integral limit switch, not adjustable after leaving factory

◇ High strength plastic housing

◇ Strong wear and high corrosion resistant stainless steel inner tube

Zinc alloy back fixture

◇ Low noise design, dB<48(A); The inspection method is in accordance with DS/EN ISO3746 while linear actuator is unloaded.

◇ Overload protection

◇ CE Certificated 


linear actuator, linear actuators


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