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General Introduction of Magnetic jewelry

1) Magnetic jewelry includes copper bracelet, hand ring, hand chain, necklace, finger

    ring, ear clips, parts of bead and clasp

2) Copper bracelet and finger ring were plated with gold, platinum or copper, 2 ends

    with rare earth magnets

3) Necklace and hand ring were made by ferrite beads w/polished outlook or plated

    w/gold or pearl color

4) Copper ear clips were plated w/gold, inside of stand w/rare earth magnet; or made

    by polished ferrite

5) These elegant products will not only make a wearer look more charming, graceful

    and stylish, but also improve their health condition

6) For your best choice for personal use or as a favorable gift

7) Stylish, beautiful, elegant, charming

8) Improve health condition

9) Pain relief, activating the blood circulation

10) Can be worn for a long period of time

Typical Magnetic jewelry

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