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Magnetic pole identifier / Magnetic pole searcher / Magnetic search pole

Item No.: 711001      Magnetic Pole Identifier


What is Magnetic pole identifier ( Magnetic pole searcher) ?


Magnetic Pole Identifier is a great tool for identifying the poles of magnets.  A small magnet is painted on both ends and is suspended, free to rotate, in a plastic housing.  The blue end of the magnet is the North pole and will point toward the South pole of other magnets.  The red end is the South pole and will point toward the North end of another magnet. 

This tool is even more useful for showing the direction of magnetic field lines.  Magnetic field lines connect the North and South poles of a magnet.  If moved around near a magnet, the small magnet in the Pole Identifier will rotate and keep the magnet aligned with the magnetic field line. 


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