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Magnetic Tool Holder Magnetic Tool Holder
Magnetic Tool Holder
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Magnetic Tool holder, Magnetic Knife Holder

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Magnetic Tool Holder

Item No.: 311018     18''

Item No.: 311024     24''

What is Magnetic tool holder?

Component Part: Magnetic tool holder is made of Hard plastic bars  plus high quality strong magnetic pieces.

Application: Just nail the bar to the door or wall of your kitchen or room, or attach the bar to the iron or steel filing cabinet in your office, and you can attach onto it iron and / or steel things, such as screwdriver, pliers, scissors, kitchen knives, bunches of keys, beer bottle openers…

Features: Nice appearance, convenient for application, and its magnetic power never weakens. (Magnetic tool holder, magnetic knife tool)

Size and Format: Sizes and format vary at your request.

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