Magnetic Pick-Up Tools

Magnetic Pick-Up Tools
Item No.: DMA

Magnetic Pick-Up Tools

Magnetic Pick Up Tools from Dailymag Magnetics features a powerful neodymium magnet in the tip.

Magnetic Pick Up Tools from Dailymag Magnetics features a powerful neodymium magnet in the tip. It lifts up to 32 times its own weight! Magnetic Pick Up Tools have different  styles which can be used in a wide range. It can reach long and can be bent to reach almost any location. Both tools can be used to retrieve lost items from engines, dashboards, drains and vents. We can customize these products according to customer's actual requirement.

Item No.: R1007  25" Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool (1.5lbs)
Item No.: R1011  32" Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool with LED (8lbs)
Item No.: R1015  30" Super Power Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool (15lbs)

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Magnetic pickup tool:

Magnetic pickup tools are usually used to locate or collect the missing pieces of metal, such as iron nails, bolts, and screws. These devices contain a magnet at one end, while the other end includes a long handle. Their handles are usually extendable to make them reach inaccessible places. Some magnetic pickup tools are made customized to keep in a pocket. There are some magnetic tools with a power-capped magnet. This power cap protects the magnet from unwanted material and also increases the weight lifting capability. We manufacture high-quality magnetic pickup tools in a diverse range available for our customers at a very affordable cost.


Dailymag Magnetic pickup tool range:

We manufacture various types of magnetic pickup tools of diverse ranges depending upon their ability to withstand the weight and the extent up to which they can be stretched. Our magnetic pickup tools contain high-quality permanent magnets. Primarily neodymium magnets are used, while some classic devices are also made with AlNiCo magnets. Our magnetic pickup tools range includes pickup tools with flax magnets, telescope magnet pickup tools, simple pocket magnet telescope tools, and power-caps. We also offer Hi-tech magnetic power-caped pickup tools, flexible magnet pickup tools, and classic AlNiCo magnet pickup tools. Their brief description is as follow:

Telescope type:

  • A telescope-type magnetic tool with a rotational head.
  • It contains a neodymium magnet at its end, while the body is made of aluminum metal.
  • Its magnet can attract 5lb heavy metals.
  • It also contains a plastic grip for handling
  • It is extendable


Flex magnet type:

  • It also contains an NdFeB magnet at its one end, holding the ferrous metal of weight 1.5 lbs.
  • It contains a bendable shaft which makes it more suitable to retrieve objects from inaccessible places.


Pocket telescope type:

  • These also contain high-quality neodymium magnets.
  • These are available in two forms, i.e., super strength and maximum strength.
  • The super-strength pocket telescope type can pick up 1.5lbs weight while the maximum strength pocket telescope tool can withstand up to 3.5 lbs.
  • These are extendable and chrome-plated.


Pocket telescope type with Power-caps:

  • This type of pocket telescope has a cap or shield around the magnet that prevents unwanted metal's attachment to the magnet.
  • These are extendable
  • These can withstand the weight of 2lbs.


Flexible On/Off type:

  • These pickup tools can be activated (on) and deactivated (off) by pushing the plunger.
  • There are extensible and can retrieve objects from inaccessible places.
  • It can hold a weight of 1.5lbs.
  • It can only hold the weight when activated. 


Hi-Tech with power-cap:

  • These are pretty handy and easy-to-use pickup tools.
  • Contain a heavy-duty neodymium magnet protected by a power cap that shields the magnet and prevents it from undesired metals. 
  • Its body and pocket handle is made of stainless steel covered with a vinyl protective covering that can be handled with either wet or oily hands.
  • These are available in different magnet capacities, i.e., 1.5 lbs., 3.5 lbs., 5 lbs., etc.


Classic AlNiCo magnet type:

  • It contains molded from nylon head
  • These are extendable
  • Reliable to be used in oily and moist conditions.
  • Flexible AlNiCo magnet type pickup tools are also available, giving a lifetime magnetic power due to a permanent magnet's presence.
  • Some classic alnico magnet type tools are also customized for pocket handling.


Some other magnetic pickup tools with more capacity to withstand heavy weight upto 7lbs are also available. We appreciate our customers sharing their possible applications so that we may able to help them in finding the best suitable tool.

Factors to consider:

Different types of magnetic pickup tools are made for different applications and to pick up different weights. Our customers should consider the following factors while purchasing a magnetic device.

  • Use of the magnetic lifting tool at the place of application, i.e., home, engineering framework, workshop, or something else. 
  • Use of the tool to carry the object's weight, i.e., nails, bolts, screws, large iron pieces or logs, etc.
  • Use of magnetic pickup tools in different environments such as underwater, oil, or any other solvent.

Applications of magnetic pickup tool:

Many people use a magnetic pickup tool containing a heavy duty magnet to attract metallic objects from a distance. It can be used in several ways, i.e., 

  • To find out missing mails or screws on the floor.
  • To separate metallic nails or screws from a pile of sawdust.
  • It can be used to remove metallic pieces from garden grass or snow.
  • Magnetic pickup tools can also be used to attract the paper clips, pins, and staples from the school or office floor before using a vacuum cleaner. It can reduce the chances of vaccum clear stocking up with hard material in it.
  • Jewelry is also made of metal, i.e., gold or silver. In case of any missing piece of jewelry, a magnetic pickup tool can perform its function.
  • Keys are the most important things and the most missing ones. If keys got stuck into inaccessible areas, a magnetic pickup tool is used to attract the keys back.
  • Any nails that got stuck into ashes of burned wood (generally in a bonfire) can be removed using a magnetic pickup tool.
  • Some children's toys, i.e., magnetic puzzles, alphabet letters, and counting digits, can be retrieved easily.
  • If you mistakenly put some expensive jewelry piece or some decoration piece in the garbage, our magnetic pickup tool can prevent you from entering your hands in the trash. 
  • Needles are very sharp metallic objects that can pose a threat of injury to someone's foot if lost on carpet or floor. The lost needles can be retrieved by using a magnetic pickup tool.
  • Batteries are sometimes tough to pull out from their packings and the appliance as well. These can be easily pulled out with the help of a magnetic pickup tool. 
  • Magnetic pickup tools are also used to collect iron shotguns from the military target practice area.
  • Many car mechanics find this tool very beneficial while finding or putting screws or bolts in place. 
  • Medical sharps contain needles, syringes, scissors, lancets, and blades. Usually, sharps are disposed of separately, but if any sharp material is mistakenly put into the general waste, it can be pulled out using a magnetic pickup tool. 
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