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Magnetic tray tool / magnetic plate / magnetic assemblies

Item No.: 813004    

4pcs of Magnetic Tray set

Item No.: 621006     6'' Magnetic Tray

Item No.: 621008     6'' Magnetic Tray

Item No.: 621010     10'' Magnetic Tray

Item No.: 621012     12'' Magnetic Tray

What is Magnetic Tray?

Magnetic tray is for storage of nuts, bolts, screws, etc. whilst working. Magnetic Tray has rubber protected magnetic back for affixing to vertical metal objects such as vehicle bodywork, tool boxes etc. with rubber protection bumper on base. Magnetism transfers to inner surface of tray to retain small metal parts, nuts, bolts, etc.

  • Attach to any flat steel surface for quick and easy tool access.
  • Rubber contact surfaces will not scratch painted finishes.

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