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1. High-power Magnetizer

Dailymag Magnetizer

This model of Magnetizer is suitable for magnetization and demagnetization of large DC motors, large synchronous motors, large-size magnetic materials such as ferrite, rare-earth permanent magnetic materials, etc.
1. Fast charging/discharging, high working efficiency.
2. Automatically inspect the quality of finished products.
3. Step less voltage adjusting photoelectric module has high reliability and long service life.
4. Automatic protection system.
5. Strong magnetizing field. Suitable for multi-pole magnetization of different sizes rare earth materials such as ferrite Magnet, NdFeB Magnet, AlNiCo Magnet and etc. is available.
6. Multi-function, high flexibility, wide application and high cost performance.

2. Motor Magnetizer
Dailymag Magnetizer

This model of Magnetizer is suitable for magnetization and demagnetization of General-purpose Permanent Magnet Motor

1. Adopting precision voltage control circuit, the output voltage is adjustable precisely.
2. Low internal resistance, large current.
3. It has current display and comparing function. When the magnetic field strength is beyond set limits, it will raise an alarm.
4. Multi-function: The fixture can be replaced simply and conveniently, and one magnetizing table can be used to magnetize various motors with different external diameters.


3. Hardware Magnetizer
Dailymag Magnetizer

This machine is suitable for the magnetization of various hardware tools, instruments, ferrite, AlNiCo materials and etc. The voltage is adjustable.


Dailymag VAT-series high voltage pulse magnetizer is a kind of high performance pulse magnetizing apparatus. Its working principle is: the line frequency alternating current passing through the process of boosting, rectification and filtering, begins to energize the capacitor bank through the energy-storage controller. When the voltage of the capacitor bank rises up to the setting value, the electric field of the capacitor bank can discharge electricity to the magnetizing coil in an ultra short time and the powerful pulse current will produce a strong pulse magnetic field, and thus the materials can be magnetized.


Dailymag VAT-series high voltage pulse magnetizer adopts special-purpose high voltage capacitors whose inner core is made of advanced rupture disc, has advantages such as impact resistance, self repair, good safety and reliability, long service life, etc. The switches are electronic switches with no mechanical contact. Compared with the common magnetizers, it has higher working efficiency and reliability. There are three cooling methods, viz. wind cooling, water cooling or refrigerating method provided for your choose to cool the magnetizing coil and fixtures. The superior heat dispersion performance of the machine prevents the high temperature rise of the coil that may result in the lengthening of magnetizing time and the fall of magnetization performance.


Dailymag VAT-series magnetizers find wide application in the manufacture fields of loudspeaker parts, motor, magnetic material, instruments and meters, electronic computer, magnetic machinery, medical appliances, etc. Compared with other similar products, they have higher performance-price ratio.


Through ten years of efforts based on the strong technical support of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, we have held several proprietary intellectual property rights. We have successfully developed and produced hundreds of products. They have been widely applied to the magnetizationdemagnetization and magnetism measuring of various motors, acoustic elements, ferrite, rare-earth magnetic materials and etc. Up to now, our products have found wide application in the field of electronics, electric machines, loudspeaker, magnetic materials, automobiles and etc. We are providing superior service for more than thousand enterprises now. Owing to the high quality products, reasonable price and considerate service, we have a high reputation among customers.


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