The Legends of Yao's Nine Swords

The Legends of Yao's Nine Swords

Our boss Charles has never thought that once his public training “ The Legends of  Yao’s Nine Swords” would caused a  sensation.

The Legends of  Yao’s Nine Swords was first created to provide better products, solution and service to the world through sharing public training, many many entrepreneurs from trading companies and factories came to learn the methods.

Why we call it the Yao’s Nine Swords? Nine swords means the level he wants to reach in the martial arts world, since he is a crazy fan for martial arts like Jack Ma.  Besides the Nine swords also indicates the nine methods he applies in our company.

It is a method system of how you can build up your team, how you can organize your company structure and system, and how you can upgrade your products and service to your customers.

 It is also a method system of how we can understand clients better than themselves, how we solve problems before they become problems and how we can develop and innovate products to the market as leaders.

 When sharing the methods to others, we find meaningful things happened: we make more friends, we get fulfillment when we help others while broadcasting our values to others.

 This news spread to dozens hundred, a lot of entrepreneurs come there to learn with the help of our boss Charles. And now,Charles has more than 1000 students. In return,we gradually become a great platform sharing more than 1000 resources in different areas:medial products, daily care products, cloth and fabric, mechanical products, electrical products,and other related fields.  If you need any other demands, please tell us, we can help you to find a desirable solution, that is the Yao Method.